Work Hard, Play Hard

A great camaraderie is developing among members of the Trinity Volunteer Corps, both those with disabilities and those without, as we learn to work hard and play hard together. What a fantastic evening of home runs and fireworks we enjoyed Tuesday, July 3, 2012 when the Chicago White Sox, first place in the Central Division, played the Texas Rangers, first place in the Western Division, in an exciting match up that resulted in a 19 – 2 victory for the Sox.

Many thanks to the Chicago White Sox organization for their generous donation of tickets that allowed founding Trinity Volunteer Corps member Dan Riley to host the evening for the fantastic kitchen staff at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL. Dan’s co-workers have been especially kind and supportive in helping him learn a variety of tasks in the kitchen but, as devoted Chicago White Sox fans, they’ve also been known to enjoy good natured teasing with him about the state of his beloved Chicago Cubs!

Dan is one of a very few Cubs fans in the southside hospital kitchen maintaining the keen cross-town rivalry, but he seems to be making room in his heart for the White Sox little by little and even made the concession of wearing a red and blue Sammy Sosa shirt to the game since Sosa played for both the White Sox and the Cubs.


The day after the game, Dan’s boss, Chef Jim Denvir who is seldom ever seen with out his White Sox cap in place, halted work in his large commercial kitchen for a few moments to thank Dan for hosting the outing at the ballpark and to generally recognize the great work he’s been doing. The kitchen erupted in applause when Dan was presented with a baseball signed by White Sox great Bo Jackson that was sent by John McIntyre, vice president of Sysco Corporation, one of Trinity Volunteer Corps’ generous corporate sponsors.