Celebration Time!

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The founding Trinity Volunteers and their friends were blessed and celebrated on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at Old St. Patrick’s Church in downtown Chicago. During a commissioning ceremony at the 12:45pm Mass, Patrick Hartmann, Dan Riley and Derek Withers were recognized as the pioneers whose great work in long-term volunteer projects has served as a model for developing our Trinity Volunteer Corps. Each was accompanied to the altar to received their TVC pendants by individuals representing key components of the organization: Sr. Michelle Germason, President of Trinity High School, was there with Patrick symbolizing of the importance of our host institutions; Mike and Arlene Riley were there with their son Dan representing the critical role of the family; and Greg Hunt was there with Derek in recognition of the dedication required of the Trinity Volunteer Corps Board of Directors.

Thanks and congratulations once again to Patrick, Dan and Derek on the success of their volunteer placements and for the enthusiasm, dependability and precision they bring to their important roles — Patrick in the library at Trinity High School, Dan in the kitchen stock room at Little Company of Mary Hospital and Derek in the kitchen scullery at the Congregation of St. Joseph.

Sincerest thanks as well to three new organizational volunteers, Liz Covington, Marueen Hartweger and Annmarie Ries, who were also recognized at the commissioning ceremony. Liz had special TVC baseball caps and backpacks designed and made for the Trinity Volunteers to use on their work sites — a terrific surprise — and she continues to help in developing the broad vision and mission of the organization. Annmarie and Maureen have committed to working two to three days per week in structuring and organizing the overall efforts of the Corps. They have also agreed to serve as Trinity Liaisons working directly with new Trinity Volunteers in designing their long-term projects and in networking with them to discover especially appealing occasional volunteer possibilities within nearby non-profit host institutions.

The newest group of TVC long-term volunteers, Jackie Finn, Karina Leonard and Walter Hunt, were welcomed and immediately put to work helping host the commissioning ceremony. With guidance from Maureen and Annmarie and sporting their new TVC caps, they helped with hospitality, welcoming people and distributing bulletins. They also assisted at an informal gathering serving refreshments in the courtyard afterward. Although a light rain was falling, spirits continued to soar as the green and growing Trinity Volunteer Corps celebrated making a real impact in the lives of some very special people! Cheers!