Fun Times with TVC Summer Service Projects

When the pace slows down to summer speed, some of our TVC long-term projects associated with schools and universities take a break until Fall Semester resumes while others at places like hospitals remain in full swing. But, the occasional TVC group service projects continue throughout the year and the Summer of 2013 was full of fun service opportunities.

There were two big June events: a TVC wide party honoring our friend Brian Hamamoto’s graduation from Northwestern University’s Graduate School of Engineering followed the very next weekend by the 29th annual Old St. Pat’s World’s Largest Block Party where eight pairs of Trinity Volunteers contributed to the success of this premier fundraiser benefiting our very generous partner organization.

In July, Trinity Volunteers hosted members of the “Extraordinary League of Buddies” partner T-Ball League for TVC Night at the Ballpark generously underwritten by the Chicago White Sox and Major League Baseball. Our group of 100 people enjoyed showing team spirit with the signs created by the T-Ball families. Trinity Volunteers, Karina Leonard, Jackie Finn, Dan Riley and Walter Lazard “served” peanuts, Cracker Jack and a variety of candy to our gang of happy fans by strategically tossing it around the section in a manner similar to the way the stadium vendors do!

And, in August, twenty-two of us gathered on a Sunday afternoon at the Lurie Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in downtown Chicago for a rooftop BBQ serving almost 100 people. The families who stay at RMH while their children are being treated at nearby hospitals are always so gracious and grateful for the dinners that are prepared each evening by groups of local volunteers. It was especially fun grilling out on a highrise rooftop in sunny weather while enjoying a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and surrounding skyscrapers!

Hooray for Summertime!