TVC at Wrigley Field

Being a new Amate House volunteer and a new member of Trinity Volunteer Corps, I recently moved to Chicago from Michigan feeling like a foreign Tigers fan in this new and exciting city. However, on Monday, August 11th I was officially inducted into my new life in Chicago by attending a summer classic, a Cubs baseball game! During this Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers ball game, Trinity Volunteers hosted members of the “Extraordinary League of Buddies” partner T-ball league and their families. Thanks to the generosity of the Chicago Cubs Charities, TVC received a block of 100 tickets to host this event. By the start of the 1st inning our block of seats was filled with excited and happy faces, ready to watch some baseball.

Beforehand, a group of Trinity Volunteers prepared 100 bags of peanuts to share with the crowd. One of the most memorable parts of the night was hearing a loud chant of, “David, David, David” begin as Trinity Volunteer David Espinosa, was handing out peanuts to the crowd. Seeing his face beam with pride was a sight to see! Another exciting moment was sitting in the same section as a man who caught a home run ball by leaning back on the bleachers railings in the back row. This man’s catch was recently deemed as one of the 10 best baseball fan catches and TVC had an up close and personal view of the amazing catch which was seen on national television.

Though a downpour of rain ensued for a few minutes and the game did not end in the Cubs favor, it was a great night as I was able to meet many of the wonderful people I will be working alongside as a part of Trinity Volunteer Corps. Although I came to Chicago as a diehard Tigers fan, after attending this TVC tradition I left the game with a special place in my heart for the Chicago Cubs and immense excitement for my year with Trinity Volunteer Corps as it is evident that Trinity Volunteers stick together through rain and through shine. For more information on how you can become involved with Trinity Volunteer Corps, please contact me by e-mail at We would love to have you!

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